Genuine Parts


Digitally printed fabric and silkscreened ink, acrylic paint, chalk and colored pencil on cotton
60” x 48”
(152.4 cm x 121.92 cm)

There are two forms of “genuity” being referenced here. The first is that the form of Genuine Parts is of a truck door, a fragment of the truck image motif I have been exploring more recently. The advertisement of a car part as being “genuine,” referring to its connection to the brand and protection under warranty is a selling point for buyers who need replacements. The other side of the double meaning of genuity here is the rawness of human experiences and emotions– the parts of us that are most unfiltered and authentic. The notion of what’s “genuine” is questioned in the visual image itself in the bright color and layers of materials. Parts of the door feature an obscured silkscreened pineapple pattern, weathered and fading. Through the window, you can see a scene from a personal photo of Mount Kilimanjaro.